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We Believe in the Value of Continuous Education

We provide regular opportunities for all employees to learn and develop. In fact, we require every employee to gain a minimum of 100 Learning and Education points each month! Points can be earned through activities that range from watching online training videos to creating learning content and sharing with others. Learning and Education points are also earned through participation in company-wide trainings. We provide regular opportunities for learning and development, such as:


  • Brown Bag Lunches: We hold regular “lunch and learn” opportunities. Any employee can lead a Brown Bag Lunch as an opportunity to share learning on a given topic and teach their colleagues new information. Nanoramic caters lunch for all employees who attend these events. Both those who lead the event and those who attend are awarded with Continuous Learning and Education points.

  • Off-Site Training Days: We hold off-site trainings on a range of topics with the purpose of developing skills and knowledge for employees that we can implement into our work. This often involves bringing in outside speakers who are experts on a given topic. We hold these trainings off-site to be able to fully engage in the day, and both Breakfast and lunch is provided for all who attend.

  • Employee Roadmaps: Instead of yearly performance reviews that offer little real-time feedback or opportunity for continuous growth, each employee who has completed their introductory period will work with a coach (usually your direct manager) to create a Roadmap. Roadmaps are usually 12 months in length and have a clearly defined end goal- whether that’s growth in your current role or a promotion and title change.  You will work with your coach to develop clear milestones for completing your Roadmap. Time is dedicated on a regular basis to check in on your progress and for your coach to provide feedback.

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