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Our Values


Innovation and Agility

This is the core of Nanoramic. We challenge the status quo to make a huge impact on the markets we pursue. All of our values, processes, and projects are framed with innovation in mind. We generate value by systematically removing risk within our technology for every target industry. As individuals and as a team, we believe in using creative problem-solving to overcome challenges that arise. Maintaining resilience and adaptability enables us to shift our thinking to continuously move forward. 

Trust and Empower

Each employee is an intelligent, capable professional armed with our clear strategic intent to decide and act independently. All team members are encouraged to make educated decisions without waiting for consensus from others. We practice a policy of DAFPAFF (Don’t Ask For Permission; Ask For Forgiveness). We fail fast and learn from our mistakes, practicing a blameless culture where those who acted in the organization's best interest are fully supported.


All team members are accountable for ensuring that their decisions and actions support our strategic intent. We hold each other accountable, regardless of an individual’s rank within the organization. This ensures that all team members complete their due diligence when making impactful decisions. We consistently aim to identify areas of improvement using disciplined rituals. 

Strategy and Long-Term Thinking

We are committed to continuous improvement and education as a means of investment in our processes and teams. With common sense, critical thinking, and long-term forethought, we strive to achieve simple, efficient, and effective processes and rituals that can be applied as the organization adapts and changes.


It is crucial to success that we ensure all team members are aligned with our goals. Our teams are built with intent, based on the needs and strengths of all members. We collaborate on decisions when possible. We celebrate successes, and strive to overcome mistakes and consequences as a team, without blame. We recognize that failure is an essential part of innovation.

Time Awareness

“If you’re early, you’re on time. If you’re on time, you’re late.” We respect one another’s time, acknowledging that time is an invaluable resource. Being punctual shows that you value time and thus would not deprive others of this limited resource. This means all employees arrive early, prepared to begin at the designated meeting time. We recognize that not being on time translates into a loss of productivity and morale within the entire organization. A lack of time awareness can mean the difference between success and failure. 

Empathy and Well-Being

Our organization promotes a healthy work-life balance and family-first mentality. This enables our team members to put their best foot forward in both their personal and professional lives. We strive to have a positive impact on one another by treating each other with respect and listening to the opinions of others. Our organization is committed to creating a productive and positive environment by engaging in ethical business practices. We are committed to creating a safe environment for all employees and visitors.

Communication and Feedback

We are committed to practicing honesty and transparency, by using clear, concise, respectful and efficient communication to build trust within our teams. We use open-book management and are intentional in the ways we measure and reward success. 

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